About us

My name is Janis Erdmanis and currently I am the archithect and programmer of PeaceFounder. By trainning, I am a theoretical physicist who loves to develop and explore technologies which can make our lives to florish.

We have a plan

Currently, I am in the early stages of founding a non-profit organization PeaceFounder which develops and spreads open-source electronic voting system PeaceVote. That consists of a keyserver which maintainer runs on the raspberry pi to do a shared ballot protocol for collecting anonymous public keys. A vote collector server which accepts signatures made from the anonymous public key ledger and immediately lets everyone to download them. (There is no problem to run them on the same device). A community git repository where everyone can access the code for vote-counting, where policy for getting the proposal on the table is established and where the infrastructure is established (public keys of servers and maintainers). And lastly, a smartphone application which allows subscribing to the communities, have an anonymous discussion there, getting active proposals and vote.

At the moment a prototype for the keyserver is close to the completion. To proceed, I need either my time, inspired people or disposable capital. The steps for the master plan for taking over the world is:

  1. Finish the keyserver prototype and make a demonstration of that. [Done]

  2. Find a person who could illustrate the PeaceVote electronic voting platform.

  3. Find inspired people who wish to contribute to the vision of the PeaceFounder organization as well as the potential user base.

  4. Found the organization. Hire or inspire capable Julia and Rust programmers for building and polishing the rest of the PeaceVote voting system.

  5. Publish a smartphone application PeaceVote in the Android and iOS store. As well make a desktop application accessible.

  6. Find and convince communities to use PeaceVote.

One would know that the plan is succesfull when:

  1. PeaceVote would take place of the social media

  2. People would voluntary pay subscription fees for communities and would collectively decide uppon the common spending

  3. The laws of the state would be influenced by the vote of communities. When existance of countries would no longer be a necessity to protect minorities.

  4. When there would be a voluntary world democracy which would adress, for example, world poverty and climate crisis.

  5. When every person would care and take part of a local community democratic process.

  6. When John Lennon song Imagine would become the reality of the world.

We will sustain ourselves

The PeaceFounder organization believes that a solution which can make the world more democratic has no right to be possessed. We can only benefit from being the caretakers of the idea for it to grow and prosper. PeaceFounder organization is the benevolent parent of the electronic voting system PeaceVote. Currently, PeaceFounder is understaffed and underfunded with respect to concrete tasks which needs to be done for first to make PeaceVote mobile application available for smartphones and desktops. This is why we ask your support to achieve our ambition of making the world a more democratic place.

We also believe that the spending of donations should be decided in a democratic process within the members of PeaceFounder's organization to achieve the maximum efficiency of your donation and to lead by example how leadership, ability and passion to do good for society could be enough to sustain any democratic organization.

A non-profit account had not yet been made as the organization is still being founded. Please contact me janiserdmanis at protonmail ch for your willingness to donate. That would help me to gauge time when to officially found the organization.

We need you

I am looking for people who recognize innovation and are resistant to hype. Who has a curiosity about the world not limited to a narrow academic discipline background. I am looking for you who dares to disobey to fulfil the need for integrity. Any of thoose skills should enable you to participate:

The project is huge and there are uncountable things to be done. Contact me directly over janiserdmanis at protonmail ch for letting me to know if you are interested to participate. There are many easy things and many more ambitios project we could work on together.